Data Recovery

Missing files? Lost a folder? Camera memory card having issues or corrupted? Is your old machine not booting up or turning on, and you realize that you need some pictures or videos from it?

Don’t worry- we can help recover files of any type or size, from any system.

  • desktops and laptops
  • external hard disks
  • internal hard drives
  • servers and web servers
  • RAID servers
  • memory cards
  • CDs & DVDs
  • tape drives
  • handhelds
  • all operating systems
  • all e-mail formats
Step 1: 100% Free Data Recovery Evaluation
Once your media or device is received, it is immediately taken through a free, non-intrusive evaluation to determine the causes of data loss. We will notify you promptly with results, provide you with a quote and confirm the next steps before you incur any charges. Your authorization of the quotation is required for us to proceed with the full data recovery service. We usually can have an estimate ready within a few hours from the receipt of your drive, disk, or computer.
Step 2: Data Recovery Is Performed After Client Approval
Upon approval, the data recovery process will proceed according to your target file specifications and needs. We offer same day service, but depending on the amount of data, this can take up to three days.
Step 3: Data Recovered Is Analyzed
Upon recovery, your data is taken through a quality control procedure. This process helps ensure that our data recovery team has recovered the target files or types that you have identified as most important.
Step 4: Recovered Data Is Packaged and Delivered
             We can deliver your recovered data through: CDs, DVDs, Standard Hard Disk Drives, External USB or Firewire Backup Drives, or even by email on occasion.